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    Month: August 2017

    Taxability of Family Leave Benefits

    There is more news about the new Family Leave Program in New York.  New York State has just issued Notice N-17-12, New York State’s New Paid Family Leave Program.  The notice indicates that, once the new program becomes effective in 2018, benefits paid to employees while they are on family leave will be treated as nonwage taxable income to the employees.  Generally, such benefits will be rep...

    New York Family Leave Update

    Over the past two weeks, New York State sent letters to New York employers informing them about the new family leave program. As discussed in the post on June 29, 2017, employers were permitted, but are not required, to begin withholding from employee compensation starting on July 1, 2017, to cover the cost of this new program.  Over the next several weeks, employers should expect to receive not...

    Data Security in a Dangerous Cyberworld

    Think before you click. One of the most important things that you can do to protect your firm’s data is to educate all staff members about recognizing phishing emails.  Data thieves regularly send emails posing as vendors, clients, or potential clients in an attempt to trick users into clicking on links or opening attachments. These links and attachments can allow the data thief to steal co...