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    Month: October 2017

    No More Silent Returns

    The IRS recently indicated that, effective for individual tax returns covering the 2017 tax year, it will no longer accept returns that do not disclose taxpayers’ health insurance coverage status. Line 61 of Form 1040 has a checkbox to indicate that the taxpayer and, if applicable, the spouse and dependents, have qualifying health insurance for the entire year.  If this checkbox is not chec...

    Late Partnership Returns

    The IRS recently issued Notice 2017-47 to provide relief for certain late-filed partnership returns, since 2016 partnership returns (Forms 1065) were due earlier than was the case in prior years (March 15, instead of April 15).  Some partnerships did not meet the new earlier due date. The relief applies to returns covering the 2016 tax year (i.e., the partnership’s first taxable year that b...